Sutji then narrated the tale of Lord Varaha to the sages, which he had heard from Sage Vyasa— Once, while Narada was wandering about, he reached Meru mountain where he saw the abode of Lord  Brahma.  He  also  saw  a  giant  sized  entity,  just  next  to  Brahma’s  abode.  The  person possessed four arms and his face resembled a boar. The person held a conch and a chakra in his two hands–The remaining two hands were in the postures of giving blessings. Narada was very surprised to see that divine person being surrounded by Sages like Vashishtha, Atri, Markandeya and Bhrigu. After paying his eulogy to him, he stood in a corner. In the meantime, Prithvi (earth) arrived there with her two companions–Ila and Pingla. She was curious to know about the identities of various mountains, which Lord Varaha had established on her. Lord Varaha told Prithvi about the prominent mountains—Mountains like Sumeru, Himavan, Mandarachal, Vindhyachal, Pariyatrak, Mahendra, Malay, Sinhachal and Gandhamadan are situated to the north of Himalaya.

The mountain ranges situated to the south of Himalaya are Arunachal, Hasti, Gridhachal and Ghatikachal. Sages believe that in Satyayuga Lord Vishnu had his abode at Anjan Mountain, while in Treta yuga, Dwapar yuga and Kali yuga he has his abode at Narayangiri, Sinhachal and Shrivenketachal respectively. Lord Varaha and Prithvi flew away towards Venkatachalgiri mounted on Garuda.

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