SriVijayadas was the son of Dasappa-Koosamma and suffered abject poverty. As if that was not enough he suffered more after getting married and in desperation went away to Kashi with an intention of drowning in Ganga waters. That was when Purandaradas showered grace upon him, appeared in his dreams, gave him the Gurupadesha and guided him to go to Vyasakashi. There he personally administered the gurupadesha and called him Vijayvitthalankita. After that whatever the great Vijayadas said came to be a statement from the Vedas – vedavakya.
He returned to Chikalaparavi and placed a grinding stone – sahanikallu, which he had brought from Kashi, next to Ashwathanarasimha. Devotees who were given rice grain placed on top of that stone were cured of all ailments. Even today the archakas give rice grain from the grinding stone as prasad. They work like Dhanvantri medicine in curing all ailments. This place is about 18 Km from Manvi.

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