One among the Dasachatushtaya, one who had obtained diksha directly from Purandaradasa, and who was the incarnation of Bhrigurishi – Sri Vijayadasa spent his last days in meditation at this place Chippagiri. He used to bathe at the well here and perform his anushthana. He had told the owner that farm, ‘my lord is in your well’, who offered to give away the farm to him if that were true. Vijayadasa turned a stile in the well and lo there was the idol of Gopalakrishna underneath. The farmer was surprised and presented the farm to Sri Vijayadasa.
SriVijayadasa passed on here after spending his last years in the propitiation of SriKrishna. This place is about 70 Km away from Mantralaya. One has to come to Advani and board a bus towards Guntakal. Chippagiri is reached via Alur. On Kartik Shudha 10 devotees gather here in a big number for SriVijayadasa’s aradhana.

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