Converted prohibited items into flowers and fruits

Venkanna told his Nawab Siddi Masoodkhan of the greatness of SriSwami. Although he had heard of these great powers from several sources, the Nawab with his inherent cunning came forward to test them. He placed some meat and wine in a plate, covered it with cloth and kept it in front of SriSwami. The Nawab was surprised to see SriSwamrs smiling face. In spite of having come to
test the powers of SriSwami the cunning Nawab felt re- upon seeing the brilliant persona before him. Didn’t the omniscient SriSwami know what was brewing in that ignorant mind? Divining the desire of Sri Moolarama, SriSwami sprinkled water from the conch- shell upon the covered plate. When the cloth covering that plate was removed the Nawab was astounded to see that the meat and wine which he had placed had turned into fruits, leaves and flowers. The Nawab apologised for having come to test SriSwami and he who had never ever bowed before anybody, repeatedly joined hands in salutation, seeking refuge with SriSwami. He repeatedly
requested SriSwami to have pity on him and grace him with benevolence as he had admitted his own folly. He offered to give aw^ay all his wealth and fiefdom at the feet of SriGururaja.

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