The Temples of Tiruchanur – Dakshinamurthi

The image of this deity is found in the central Koshtha in the south wall of the Garbhagriha. Seated with the right leg slightly bent and resting on the shoulders of theApas- marapurusha, lying prostrate below, and the left leg bent at the knee at right angles and resting on the right thigh, this deity has four hands. There is an akshamala in the upper right hand and Kamandalu in the upper left; the lower right is in Chinmudra and there is a book in the palm of the lower left hand. Jatas issuing from out of the head form a Prabhamandala round it. The god is adorned with Chakrakundalas, three Graiveyakas, Yajnopavita and Udarabandha. At the bottom is a sage with a beard sitting cross-legged with the right hand help up in Vistnaya and the left resting on the left thigh. To bottom right is another sage seated in Padmasana.

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