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This image, along with the two attendant images, is located in the north-western angle of the prakara wall. Seated on the peacock with the right leg bent and hanging on the side of the bird and the left
leg bent at the knee and kept diagonally with its foot resting on the back of the bird, this deity has six faces, three in the front and three at the back. He has twelve hands. The upper right hands hold Vajra,
Bana, Khadga, Chakra and another object; the upper left hands hold Trisula, Dhanus, Sakti Kukkuta on a pillar and pasa. Thelower right hand is in abhaya and the lower left in varada. This god is adorned with chakrakundalas, three graiveyakas, channavira, udarabandha and a girdle of pearl hangings and wears an ardhoruka.
A Devi stands to his right with her right hand hanging and the left holding nilotpala. Another Devi stands to the left with her left hand hanging and the right holding a nilotpala.