The Temples of Tirupati – chakrathalwar shrine

There is a two storeyed mantapa adjoining the northern wall of the gopura. The ground floor contains two rows of five short pillars each, in the Chola style. The upper floor, reached by a stair case, contains three rows of three pillars each, in the Vijayanagara style. To the south is a small shrine built against part of the Gopura wall so as to enshrine the figure Of Chakrattalvar or Sudarsana, sculptured on die gopura wall.
Salainachchiyar shrine: This shrine is in the southern part of the courtyard very near the gopura. It consists of an outer verandah, a hall, an Antarala and a Garbhagriha. There are three types of Vij ayanagara pillars on the front edge of the verandah (a) pillar with two pillarets projecting (b) pillar with one pillaret projecting and (c)
pillar with a bracket containing lion on makara The pillar with animal bracket to the left of the entrance has a figure of Yaraha dancin with Prithvi seated on his left thigh. The Hall has eight rows of s: pillars each which are of three types (a) plain cubical pillars (b pillars with rectangular base and octagonal shaft above and (c) pilla with three rectangular blocks and two octagonal shafts between them. All these pillars have Chola capitals: The eastern and western walls of the Antara/d have four pilasters each and the front wall has two pilasters, on either side of the enhance. The walls of th Garbhagriha have five pilasters each resembling those on th innermost gopura indicating a 13th century date. The Garbhagrih contains the image of Lakshmi or Salainachchiyar or Pundarikavalli. The devi is seated on a lotus holding a lotus in each of her two upp hands and keeping the two lower hands in poses of abhaya an varada.

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