The Temples of Tirupati – Dakshinamurti

This image is set up against die north wall of the hall adjacent to the Kapilesvara shrine. Seated with the right leg bent at the knee and resting on the back of apasmarapurusha lying below, with his legs apart and face turned up and the right leg bent at right angles at the knee and the left ankle resting on the right thigh, this god has four hands. He holds a naga in the upper right hand, and trisula in the Upper left. The lower right hand is in chinmudra and the lower left in varada with a book in the palm. Jatas emanate from the head to the sides and the front part is adorned with the sun to the right, Ganga in the centre and the crescent moon to die left. He has a makarakundala on the right ear and chakrakundala on the left ear. He is also adorned with three graiveyakas, one hara, Yajnopavita, udarabandha, keyuras, anklets andmanjiras. There is a bearded sag on either side sitting cross-legged.

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