The Temples of Tirupati – Kumaraswami

This image is set up in a small shrine in the back wall of the verandah before the shrine. Seated on a pea- cock with his left leg folded and resting on the back of the bird and the right leg hanging on its side, this deity has three faces in the front and three at the back. He has twelve hands and holds vajra, khadga, bana and two other objects in the upper right hands and trisula, dhanus and three other objects in the upper left hands. The lower right hand is in abhaya and the lower left is in varada. He is adorned with chakrakundalas, three graiveyakas, and one hara. He wears an ardhoruka. The peacock carries a snake in its beak. At right angles to this image is the figure of Devasena on one side and of Valli on the other. Both the devis hold a lotus in one hand and keep the other hanging.

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