Lunch by desire

While SriSwami was at Kumbhakonam, three Brahmanas who had learnt about his greatness came from their village and were bathing in the Kaveri river. A worker was dipping SriSwami’s clothes in water on the river bank. He called out to the Brahmanas and said, ‘soon tasty food will be awaiting you’. They asked him, ‘what did you say? What does this mean? Who told you?’ But that worker simply kept all the clothes on the bank and spoke like a mad man, ‘I did not say a thing’. But again while returning with the wrung out clothes he shouted, ‘Puja is getting over, come soon. Your favourite sweet dish is awaiting you’. The Brahmanas were perplexed and reached the Matha looking like mad men at each other. There they were asked in by SriSwami who said, ‘the best Pundits have come; please come in for lunch’, and told his people to serve their favourite sweet dishes. The astounded Brahmanas admitted that their coming to test the powers of SriSwami was a mistake and sought his blessings. The compassionate SriGururaja blessed them, that first they and then their progeny would perform the pujas to his vrindavana, before he sent them off.

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