MADURAI KSHETHRA – Thousand Pillared Hall

This famous Thousand Pillared Hall is eastern side of Kambathadi Mandalay. It was built by Dalavai Ariyanatha Mudaliyar in 1569 A.D. who built this treasure-house of art.
Now this hall actually contains 985 pillars only. This space for the remaining 15 pillars were taken up for two small temples. As we enter the chakram carved on the ceiling denoting the 60 Tamil years is astonishing. The arrangement of the pillars is a treat to the eye from any angle.
The images of Nathan (dancing) Ganesha, Shiva, Rad, Maratha, Arjuna, Bhima, Chandramathi, Sarasvati, Mohini, Bitchadanar are magnificent carvings. A beautiful image of Natraj and Sivakami are installed in a mandala at the farthest end of the hall.

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