Mahamahim – the great one – the giver of moksa

For many years a devotee by name Venkanna used to help out SriSwami in his pujas by filling in water etc. with great devotion. Pleased with his devotion SriSwami asked him, ‘What do you want?’ To this Venkanna replied instantly, ‘I want mukti.’ SriSwami asked him to return after finishing his ablutions and prayers. SriSwami then gave him panchagavya etc. and after completing his prayaschitta etc. asked him to jump into the fire lit on the funeral pyre. Venkanna without hesitation did as he was told. All onlookers were aghast at what they saw and were excitedly talking among themselves. At that moment a heavenly vimana came in, picked up Venkanna with the divine body and flew away amidst the sound of ringing bells and heavenly bugles, leaving everybody as mute witnesses. Although moksa is granted by SriHari himself, even SriMukhyapranadeva can grant moksa with His permission. Our Swami has the powers to get moksa granted from SriHari-SriMukhyapranadeva. The news that SriSwami had got moksa granted spread like wildfire in all directions. Everybody learnt of the greatness SriSwami.

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