Mahanandi Kshethra – NEW TOWER

The second compound wall and the tower are constructed  recently. As parama siva said to the king Nandana in his dream  he existed in nine places called Navanandis (Nava Nandulu). The  place surrounding these Nava Nandis is called ‘Nandi Mandala’
Generally we think that siva rides on Nandi. Siva means  Almighty God or an Indefinable power. Nandi, the bull or Dharma  with 4 legs. They are.:
1. Satyam or Truth
2. Ahimsa or Non-Violence
3. Sauchamu (Suchi) or purification of mind and body
4. Santham or peace of mind
Siva rides on Nandi means the Indefinable power with the
help of Dharma ruling the whole world (fourten Bhuwanas). This
is the theme of siva riding on Nandi or bull.

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