Saved children

SriSwami on his journey came towards Gadag and went to Kiritgiri for the darshana of Veeranarayana. At the invitation of the Desai there, he stayed at their residence. It was peak of summer. Mangoes were everywhere in abundance. Desai brought in thousands of mangoes out of devotion. Mango juice was prepared and stored in a large vessel for offering to SriSwami. While everybody was busy with Sri Swami’s puja, the three year old son of the Desais slipped and fell into the large juice vessel and died accidentally. The couple who was immersed in sorrow at the loss and feared that all Brahmanas would leave without receiving prasad, if they came to know of this accident. After the puja when SriSwami called them to receive Prasad, they could not contain their sorrow. Upon knowing the true reason, SriSwami asked for the dead body of the boy to be brought there. He chanted the Dhanavantri mantra and sprinkled water from his conch-shell with his hand full of nectar. The couple’s joy knew no limits when their boy sat up as if from sleep. Is the revival of a dead one a small matter? The revived one was truly fortunate. The Desais did not know how to repay the grace of the great SriSwami, so they gifted him the village of Kiritgiri which was their total property.
While journeying SriSwami reached Savanur and was resting by the roadside. Then some people ther told him about the burial of the Nawab’s son, who had supposedly died of a snake bite. To that SriSwami said, ‘He is not dead’, and got the body exhumed. He sprinkled water purified with mantras and the boy was revived. The Nawab was overwhelmed with SriSwami’s grace and presented him with many valuables and villages including Krishnapur.

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