The special event in Advani

SriSwami came to Kandanati while on his journey. There he was served devotedly by a bright young orphan boy by name Venakanna. SriSwami left the illiterate boy with a blessing, ‘Remember me when in trouble’, and continued on his journey. Eventually, that boy came across a great danger. In those days Advani was ruled by the Chieftain Nawab Siddi Masoodkhan under the Bijapur kingdom. He was travelling along the road where Venkanna’s village was situated. Just then he received a message at the hands of a messenger. The Nawab, who was illiterate, saw Venkanna nearby and asked him to come and read the message. Venkanna who was also illiterate was shivering at the command of the Nawab to read. Just then he remembered SriSwami, chanted ‘Om Sri Raghavendraya Namah’ and prayed silently. The very next moment the illiterate Venkanna started reading the message flawlessly. The message was a piece of good news which informed the Nawab of the victory of his soldiers. The good news pleased the Nawab immensely. While Venkanna, with the grace of the Guru was further advising the Nawab on the next course of action, the Nawab was impressed with his acumen and appointed him his Diwan.
Thus Venkanna who used to herd cattle became a Diwan due to SriSwami’s grace. This Venkanna wanted to express his gratitude to SriSwami and was awaiting his return eagerly. At that time SriGururaj who had embarked upon a pilgrimage came to SriMushna. It seems SriMadhwacharya had come there for the benefit of crores of devotees. When people started facing the scarcity of water, he had created a lake with his own sceptre and benefitted them. To this day the lake remains in SriMushna to mark SriMadhwacharya’s visit. SriGururaj had his ablutions along with disciples in that lake which is called Dandatirtha.
From there he travelled towards Kumbhakonam for some time, visited the vrindavana of his Guru at the Navavrindavana and offered salutations to all the vrindavanas of the great sages like SriPadmanabhatirtha etc. who were the followers of SriMadhwacharya. From there he proceeded to Advani. The Diwan Venkanna who was eagerly awaiting his visit, extended a warm welcome and felicitated SriSwami. Impressed with his devotion- faith-humility, SriGururaj declared, ‘Venkanna, there is a lot of service that will happen at your hands for SriMoolarama’.

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