Close to SriRaghavendraswamr s vrindavana we see another beautiful vrindavana. It belongs to SriVadindratirtha who happened to be the great-grandson of Sri Swami in his earlier ashrama. SriSwami had decided about this location for him much earlier. When Sri Swami entered the vrindavana, SriVadindra was a mere toddler of two’ years. He is a great soul graced by SriSwami. Can someone who partakes of the same pujas in all the services offered to SriSwami be someone ordinary? When SriVadindra sang the Gumgunastavana which he had composed, in front of SriSwami’s vrindavana, the vrindavana itself swayed. SriSwami indicated by swaying the vrindavana that he approved of the Gumgunastavana^

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