40) The Agni Purana’s Virtues of the Purana

The last chapter of the Agni Purana describes three virtues of the Purana.

The Agni Purana is most holy. It gives health and ends nightmares. It spreads happiness. Ill omens vanish from house where the Agni Purana is kept. A man who listens to the recital of the Agni Purana every day, had no need of pilgrimages, alms, sacrifices and fasts. Reading one chapter of the text yields the same punya as may be obtained from donating a cow. Even if one only wishes to hear a recital of the Agni Purana, the sins committed over the duration of a day are forgiven. Reading the whole of the text gives one the punya that can be obtained by donating hundred cows at a sacred place of pilgrimage. Enemies and thieves dare not frequent a house where there is a text of the Agni Purana. Ghosts give such a house a miss. A brahman who listens to a recital of the Purana becomes learned in the Vedas. A kshatriya becomes the ruler of the world, a vaishya becomes rich and a shudra attains good health. Nothing is so sacred as writing down the text of the Purana and donating it to brahmanas.

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