Pradyumna birth story, Shambrasur vadh

Pradyumna Birth Story

Sukhdev says: O Parikshit, Kamdev was a part of lord himself. After getting incinerated by Rudra, Kamdev took refuge in the supreme lord to get an incarnation once more. Thus, Kamdev was born as Rukmani,s first son Pradyumn.

Kidnapped by a demon Shambrasur

But just after his birth, Pradyumn was kidnapped by a demon Shambrasur. The demon dropped the baby into the sea, where a huge fish swallowed him in whole. Coincidently the fish was caught by the fishers and presented to the kitchen of Shambrasur. When the cooks cut the fish open, an extremely beautiful baby emerged. Mayawati, the governess of the kitchen, felt overjoyed to see the baby. She began to rear the baby with love and affection.

Pradyumna Samrasur Vadh

Once Narada arrived in the kitchen and said: “Mayawati, do you know who is in your lap? ” “No, O Devarishi, I found him from the belly of a fish” said Mayawati. Devrishi Narad said: “He is your husband Kamdev and you are his wife Rati. In this birth, he has appeared as Pradyumn the son of Krishna. Hearing this, Mayawati saluted Narada with respect. Since then she regarded Pradyumn as her husband and served him accordingly. When Pradyumn matured. Mayawati reminded him about his real appearance. Pradyumn, thereafter, killed Shambrasur and got married with Mayawati. Then the couple arrived in Dwaraka.

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