Akrura and Krishna – KANSA SENDS AKRURA

Akrura and Krishna

Devrishi Narad visited Kansa after the killing of Arishta Sur

After the killing of Arishta Sur, Devrishi Narad visited Kansa and asked: “O Kansa, the girl who had slipped form your hand was in fact the daughter of Yashoda. Krishna and Balarama, who are staying in Vrindavana, are in fact the sons of Devaki and Rohini respectively. Because of your fear, Vasudev has kept them under the supervision of his friend Nand. Those two boys have killed the demons sent by you.” Hearing these words, Kansa shook with anger and put Vasudev and Devaki in prison again.

Kansa called his minister Akrura

Thereafter he called his minister Akrura and asked him to set out at once for Gokul. He said to Akrura: “Akrur Ji, you are an old friend and well-wisher of mine, Go to Gokul and bring the sons of Vasudev, who are staying at Nand’s home. Invite them to visit Mathura, to witness the festivities of Dhannsh-yagya.” Akrura understood Kansa’s intentions, but feared that if he refused, that demon would kill him. So he decided to visit Gokul, and also have the opportunity of seeing God. He was feeling overwhelmed by the mere thought of it. Next day, he set out on a grand chariot to meet his supreme Lord in Gokul.

Akrura  heading towards Vrindavana

Meditating in the feet of Lord, Akrura was heading towards Vrindavana. He was feeling himself as the most fortunate one for he was sure to have a sight of Lord. Thus obsessed with many kinds of devotional feelings, Akrura alighted from the chariot at the border of Vrindavana and started walking. He found it unjust to ride a chariot on the land of Vrindavan where lord Krishna threaded. By the time, he reached Vrindavana, Lord Krishna and Balarama had returned home after grazing their cattles. Seeing them, Akrura fell at their feet. Both the brothers raised Akrura and addressed him as “Chacha” (uncle),and escorted him into the house.

Akrura’s  warm welcome

Akrura was given a warm welcome and treatment there. After the dinner, they assembled in Nand’s drawing room. Nand inquired about the reason of his sudden arrival. Akrura said: “Kansa is organizing a wrestling competition in Mathura. He has invited all the big and small kings to the competitions. He has invited you with Krishna and Balarama as well. Beautiful Mathura is worth seeing. Gullible Nand felt pleased by Akrura’s talking and said: “King Kansa has shown a great honor to me. He has sent invitation only to other kings, but has sent his minister to call me and a golden chariot for my kids.” So it was announced in Gokul that all the people would go to Mathura the next day and witness the festivities there.


Hearing Akrura’s words, Lord understood that when he had arrived in Vraj, he was afflicted with a feeling of majesty. But now, it has been replaced by affection now. He, therefore decided to remove his dilemma. Thus, Lord said to him: “Kaka, Mathura is still some distance away. So you take a bath in Yamuna. We brothers are waiting for you in the chariot.”

As soon as Akrura took a dip in Yamuna, Lord showed him a sight of His abode Vaikunth and his Narayana‘s appearance in which, he was holding conch, wheel, mace and lotus in each of his four hands and was lying on the bed of Sheshnag. With folded hands, Akrura prayed to lord: “O lord, you are the reason for the existence of Brahma and the Universe. O Lord, I pray at your feet again and again. Now I recognise you. You are the one who took the incarnations of Matsya, Kachchap, Varaha, Narsinh, Vamana, Rama etc. Thus after bath and worship, Akrura returned to the chariot. Lord Krishna understood that now a devotional feeling had arisen in the mind of Akrura for Narayana. Lord asked: “Your condition seems miserable. Did you see anything extraordinary underwater?” Akrura said: “O Lord, now bestow your grace on me. Kindly come to my home and accept my hospitality.”


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