Syamantak Mani ki Katha

Satrajit gem presented by Suryadev

A person named Satrajit was a great devotee of Lord Suryanarayana. Pleased by his devotion, Suryadev presented him a gem called Syamantak. The gem had a radiance equal to the sun. Bearing that gem, Satrajit arrived in Lord’s court. By the radiance of his gem, all the people and the courtiers mistook him for Surya Deva and stood in his regard. But the Lord recognised him and asked his courtiers to be calm. Then to Satrajit, Lord Said: “Satrajit, your gem is really very beautiful. Nana (maternal grandfather) Ugrasen is the king of this region. If you present this gem to him, it will be very good. But Satrajit refused to present that gem.

Lord Krishna Satrajit ki katha

One day, later on, Satrajits brother Prasenjit went hunting, wearing the gem in his neck. In the forest a lion killed him and snatched the gem. The lion was in turn killed by the Ursine king Jambavan. Jambavan took the gem to his cave and gave it to his children to play with. When Prasenjit did not return from hunting, Satrajit felt sorry and accused Krishna that He had killed his brother for the gem.

Lord Krishna being blamed for the mishap of Gem

When lord Krishna heard that he was being blamed for the mishap, He himself went to the forests. There he found the dead body of Prasenjit, but there was no sign of gem around the cadaver. He found only footprints of a lion leaving from there. Following the footprints, He discovered the dead lion and the foot prints of a great bear. Following the footprints, He reached in the cave where Jambavan’s daughter Jambavati was playing with the gem.

Lord Krishna aur Jamwant ka vivah

As soon as lord Krishna proceeded to take the gem, Jambavan arrived. A fierce duel resulted between them. They continued to fight for twenty-six days without truce. On the twenty-seventh day Jambavan requested Lord! “Please wait O Lord.” Lord said: “Do you want to take rest?” “No”, said Jambavan, “I have recognised you. You are none other than Lord Narayana Himself. Nobody else has the power to defeat me.” Lord appeared before Jambavan as Sri Rama. Jambavan prayed and worshipped Him. He was feeling guilty that he dared to fight Lord. Lord said that He had arrived there for the gem only. Jambavan gave him the gem and also his daughter Jambavati. Lord returned the gem to Satrajit and married Jambavati formally.

Lord Krishna summons Satrajit to his court

Lord summoned Satrajit to his court and in the presence of the king Ugrasen, related the sequence of incidents that took place in the jungle. Satrajit felt ashamed. With a feeling of repentance he took the gem. He was getting afraid also that he made enmity with lord Krishna without reason. Hence to expiate his crime, Satrajit thought of presenting the gem Syamantak and his daughter Satyabhama to Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna accepted Sathyabama as his wife but returned the gem to Satrajit saying: “It is a gift of lord Surya Dev. Keep it with you. You are required to deposit the gold that you get from it, in the royal treasure.”

Akrura and Kritavarma were not pleased with the marriage of Satyabhama. So they got Satrajit killed by Sahadeva. Shatdanva killed Satrajit in his sleep and absconded with the gem. Lord Krishna was then away in Hastinapur. Satyabhama too reached there and informed Krishna about her father’s assassination. With Balarama, Lord Krishna chased Shatdhanva. But even after killing him, they could not trace the gem. Shatdhanva had given the gem to Akrura to keep till his return. But after the death of Shatdhanva, frightened Akrura came to stay in Kashi. From the effect of the gem Akrura performed many grand Yagyas there. Lord summoned Akrura from Kashi. After welcoming and treating him in the court, Lord asked him about the gem. Akrura showed the gem in the court. But Lord returned the gem to Akrura.

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