King ambarish story

King ambarish story – Sukhdev says, ” Parikshit, Sharyati was the king Nabhag. His son was Nabhag. He was a great devotee of his parents. As a result of his service for his parents, Nabhag was very much comfortable. He had a son Ambarish who was a great devotee of Vishnu. Even the great wealth on earth had no value for Ambarish.The king Ambarish served the God with his own hands and remained immersed in His love. Once, Ambarish followed Nirjala Ekadashi Vrat (waterless fast observed on the eleventh day of each phase of lunar month) for a year. During one such fast, on the twelfth day, king Ambarish was about to break his fast, when sage Durvasa arrived there along with his ten thousands disciples. Welcoming him, the king requested Durvasa to accept food. But the sage turned down the request saying that it was prayer time for him, so he would first go to take bath, then worship and take alms (food) ultimately. But the sage Durvasa did not return for long. Thus by the dictate of Brahmins, king Ambarish broke his fast with basil leaves and water.

Just then sage Durvasa returned and saw Ambarish breaking his fast. So taking it as an insult, the infuriated Durvasa invoked Kritya in order to kill the king. King Ambarish stood unmoved, and begged pardon with folded hands. Lord Narayana saw His devotee in trouble and inspired His Sudarshan Chakra (wheel) to save the king.

Sudarshan Chakra first incinerated Kritya, then aimed at sage Durvasa. When Durvasa saw Sudarshan aimed at him, he ran for his life. First he reached Brahma. But Brahma told him that he was not able to protect the person who had done harm to a devotee of God. Then Durvasa reached to Rudra. Lord Shiva also said, ” Durvasa, by the wish of Lord, Rudras are engaged in the service of the universe. This Chakra is unstoppable by me. So you go to His refuge, only He can save you.”

From Lord Shiva’s abode Durvasa reached Vaikunthdham, the supreme abode of Lord Vishnu. He was feeling intense heat of the wheel. So, shivering with fear, he felt at the Lord’s feet and said, “O endless, you are the only venerable of all the saints. O Lord, I have committed a great crime against your devotee. O Lord please save me”. Seeing sage Durvasa in his refuge, Lord Vishnu said, ” Durvasa. I am bound to my devotee. I am not independent. As the devotees abdicate their everything to receive me. Similarly I am also devoted to my devotee. So I too can’t protect you. Go to the person who you wanted to hurt, and pray him. Only he can save you from the Chakra.

Thus, by the dictate of God, aggrieved Durvasa returned to the king Ambarish and fell at his feet. Ashamed of the sage act, king Ambarish prayed God, “O Lord if I had done any pious deed, may it be enough to calm you and may the heat that torments this Brahmarishi quenched.” Thus by the prayers of king Ambarish, Sudarshan was quietened and returned to its position on Lords finger and sage Durvasa recovered from his sufferings. He blessed the king and left.

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