Preaching to Demon Boys by Prahlada

Prahlada preached, “Friends, human incarnation is a rare thing in this world. So taking shelter at the feet of God in this human incarnation is a success for life. Brothers, God is the friend, beloved and the soul of each and every being. Sensual pleasures are easily available in every incarnation, so it is useless to make physical efforts to achieve sensual pleasures. But this human body is a means to get God. So, as long as the body is sound and healthy and it has strength one must work for his benefits.

Half of the life of a man is simply wasted in sleeping. First twenty years pass in playing, Young age passes in satisfying the ego while during the twenty years of old age human body becomes

crippled. So friends don’t waste your life running after the physical pleasures, luxuries, wealth and all that leads to a certain fall. One needs not work hard to please the God. He is soul of every living being. He is self-achieved. Only do good to every living being, be kind to them unconditionally.

God is pleased with these actions only. Impressed by the beautiful preaching of Prahlada about Bhagavat Dharma, the demon boys asked, “O prince, you have never been away from the hermitage. How then did you get such a knowledge at such a raw age? Prahlada told his fellow disciples that when his father was away on Mandarachal for penance, Indra had kidnapped his mother Kayadhu. He was taking her to Devloka when Devarshi Narada stopped him in the way and asked why he was taking such a helpless woman so forcibly. Indra had told then that he would destroy her foetus who was going to be a demon and thereafter would let her go.

Narada had said, “Devaraj there is a great devotee of God in this foetus, you cannot kill him. But you need not fear him.” Thus convinced by Narada, Indra had released Kayadhu who then came to stay at Narada’s hermitage to pass her time. In the pious company of Narada who, with a desire to benefit my mother and me, had preached us about Bhagavat dharma, and absolute knowledge (Vishuddha Jnana).” It is that knowledge which I have preached you just now. God is pleased with unconditional love only. So you too develop devotion for God.”

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