Shukdev says, “Parikshit, when the servers of Lord Vishnu failed the attempt of Yamadutas, they returned to Yamaloka and complained Yama about the event.” “O Yamadev, we had so far known that you are the sole authority of punishing the people as per their deeds. No body had dared so far to violate your rule. But today those four servers of Lord Vishnu openly caused violation of your dictate.” Yamaraja silently prayed Lord Vishnu and said, ” Lord Narayana is the Lord of all living things. He is the Lord of me also, and I myself keep an account of the sins and pious deeds of the living beings by His order only. All the God’s, Digpals (guardian of the direction), Shiva and Brahma etc. all of them follow His dictates.The greatest duty of all the living beings is that they should achieve a dedicated devotion for the Lord. Sons just look at the bounty of Lord that even the sinner like Ajamil escaped the noose of death simply by calling out the names of the God just once. So, from now on you never go near those people who are reciting Lord’s name or are his devotees. Bring only the sinners to me.”

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