While describing the chariots of all the nine planets, Lord Vishnu told Rudra–‘ The chariot of Surya deva (Sun) has an unbelievable expanse stretching up to nine thousand yojans. The axle of the chariot is one crore and fifty seven lakh yojans long and wheels are fixed at both its ends. The wheels have six circumferences symbolizing the six main seasons and five spokes symbolizing the five different units of time measurement in them. The chariot of Surya (Sun) is pulled by seven horses. These horses symbolize the seven ‘chhands’ (stanzas used in poetry)- gayatri, vrihati, ushnik, jagati, trishtup, anushtup and pankti.

The chariot of chandrama (Moon) has three wheels in it. It is pulled by ten white horses. The color of Mangal’s (Mars) chariot is golden and is pulled by horses of dark red color. Buddh’s (Mercury) chariot is of brown color and is pulled by eight horses of the same color. The chariot of Brihaspati (Jupiter) is made of gold and is pulled by eight horses of yellowish complexion. Jupiter remains in each of the twelve zodiacs for a year.

Shukra’s (Venus) chariot is well escorted by his army. The chariot has a mast on it’s top and is pulled by horses that are found on earth.

Horses pulling the chariot of Shani(Saturn) are of varicolored. The chariot of Rahu is pulled by eight horses, which are of the color of smoke. The chariot of Ketu is pulled by eight horses, which are red in color.

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