33) Nandi

There used to be a sage named Shilada. He was righteous and learned in the shastras.

To obtain a son, Shilada began to pray to Shiva. The tapasya went on for a thousand years and

Shiva appeared before Shilada.

“I am pleased with your meditation.” said Shiva, “what boon do you desire?”

“Please grant me the boon that I may obtain a son who will not be born from a mother. ” replied

Shilada, “And my son should be immortal.” Shiva granted the desired boon.When Shilada was ploughing the land, a handsome boy suddenly appeared on the top of his plough. The four directions shone with the boy’s radiance and the boy began to address Shilada as “father”.
The son studied the shastras and became learned. He was given the name of Nandi.
Nandi wished to see Shiva and he also wished to become immortal. He therefore went to the shores of the ocean and started to pray to Shiva. He chanted the required mantra one crore times. When Shiva appeared and wished to grant a boon. Nandi said. “Please grant me enough of life so that I can chant the mantra one crore times more.”
Shiva appeared once again, and Nandi desired the same boon.
When this had happened three times. Shiva said, “Enough is enough. There is no need for any more chanting of incantations. I make you immortal. I also make you a ganapati, lord over the ganas. You will be my constant companion.”
The place where Nandi chanted the incantation has become famous as japyeshvara tirtha.
The maruts had a daughter named Suyasha. Shiva himself arranged that Nandi should be married to Suyasha.


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