Once, Shilad did an austere penance to please Indra. He was desirous of begetting a son. When Indra appeared he requested him to bless him with a son who was self-born as well as deathless. Indra expressed his helplessness in fulfilling impossible demand. Even Lord Brahma meets his end after the passage of crores of Kalpas”-said Indra. Shilad tried to convince the validity of his demand by citing the example of Daksha’s son who according to his best of knowledge were self-born as well as deathless. Indra told him that it was not true. To prove his point Indra said- “Even Vishnu and Brahma are not self born. Lord Vishnu created Brahma during Meghavahan Kalpa. Some are of the view that Vishnu and Brahma manifested from the left and right sides of Shiva respectively. So, your demand is unsubstantial and without any base.”

According to a mythological tale Lord Vishnu manifested from in between the eyebrow of Lord Brahma. At that time Lord Shiva had arrived there to bless both of them. After the departure of Lord Shiva, Vishnu took the incarnation of Varaha (Boar) and reestablished the earth in its original position. Lord Brahma then commenced his creation and in course of time the earth came to be inhabitated by all kind of living creatures.


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