Ahuka came from the lineage of Yadu. He had two sons– Devak and Ugrasen. The eldest son, Devak had eleven children–four sons and seven daughters. The names of his sons were– Devavan,  Upadeva,  Sudeva  and  Devarakshit.  All  his  seven  daughters,  which  also  included Devaki were married to Vasudeva. Ahuk’s youngest son, Ugrasen had nice sons among Kansa was the eldest.

Vasudeva had a son named Balarama from Rohini. Devaki, one of his wives gave birth of lord Sri Krishna. Vasudeva had exchanged Sri Krishna with the daughter of Yashoda as Sri Krishna’s life was under threat from Kansa. When Kansa tried to kill her, She slipped away from her hand and ascended towards the sky. She then thundered. ”There is no use killing me. The person who is supposed to kill you has already taken birth’. Her prophesy came to be truth and Kansa was ultimately killed by Sri Krishna.

Sri Krishna had 16108 Queens among whom Rukmini was dearest. He did an austere penance to please Lord Shiva as the result of which He was blessed with many sons like Charudeshna, Sucharu, Pradyumna etc. He also had a son named Samb from Jambawati. Lord Krishna left for heavenly abode after enjoying a long life of 120 years. He had destroyed His whole clan before leaving His mortal body. A hunter named Jara who mistook him to be a deer killed him. Due to the curse of Ashtavakra, Sri Krishna’s wives had been abducted by the dacoits.


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