Kraustuki asks Markandeya- ‘O lord! We want to know more about Marut.’

Markandeya says- ‘After becoming the king, Marut started ruling in a just manner. He performed many Yagyas under the supervision of numerous ‘Yagyikas’ and esteemed priests. Angira’s son- Samvart and Brihaspati’s brother were his chief priests under whose supervision, the Yagyas used to be performed. Samvart had brought the peak of Munjavan Mountain after uprooting it, for Marut. King Marut’s palace and  the sacred  oblation site were constructed on this very mountain peak.’

One day, a hermit said to Marut- ‘Your grandmother Veera is very tormented by the nuisance, the serpents are creating around the sacred oblation site. She is very displeased by your negligence. The serpents have bitten seven sons of a sage and have also polluted the water of the sacred pond. The sages have started making offerings to the serpents to please them, instead of paying attention on the performance of the Yagyas. Although the sages are capable of destroying the serpents, yet they have decided against doing so as this is not their job. This is the job of a king. A king should be aware of each and every event taking place in his kingdom. You are not aware of the misdeeds of the serpents because you don’t have any detective to keep you informed of such events. Being a king, it is your duty to protect your subjects by punishing the wrong doers. If you don’t do this then you will become a sinner. O king! Your grandmother is very much concerned about your negligent attitude and wants you to act in a way befitting a king.’


Markandeya says- ‘Marut was ashamed after hearing the sage’s words. He cursed himself for his negligence. He picked up his bow and arrows in anger and went to the oblation site. When he reached there, he saw the dead bodies of seven hermits lying on the ground. Being enraged, he picked up his most devastating weapon named Samvartak. The serpents became terrified as the tremendous amount of heat generated by this weapon had started to burn them. Unable to bear the tremendous heat caused by the weapon, the serpents took the refuge of Bhamini (Vaishalini)- the mother of Marut.’ ‘Sometime in the past, Vaishalini had promised to protect the serpents when in danger. Vaishalini requested her husband- Aveekshit to persuade Marut against killing the serpents. Aveekshit told her that the intensity of Marut’s anger was a result of the grave sins committed by the serpents.

‘But for your sake, I will request him to pardon the serpents- If he still does not agree to stop killing the serpents then I will have no option but to destroy his weapon- Samvartak.’ After saying this, Aveekshit picked up his bow and arrows and went to the oblation site accompanied by his wife.

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