Sumati says- O father! After the demise of Kartaveerya, his ministers and priests decided to crown his son Arjuna as their new king. But Arjuna refused saying that he would not become the king unless and until he had attained the status of a Yogi. Sage Garg then advised Arjuna to worship Dattatreya who had helped the deities to reunite after the defeat of the demons.

Afterwards, Arjuna migrated to Dattatreya‘s hermitage and began to worship and serve him. Pleased by his penance and service, Dattatreya asked Arjuna to seek a boon. Arjuna said- ‘O lord! Kindly bless me with such a power, which enables me to perform my duties as a king in a just manner. May nobody match me in war and may I have one thousand arms. I wish to get killed only by such a person who is more virtuous than me and may I guide the people towards the right path. May nobody in my kingdom remain poor and may my devotion for your lotus feet be eternal.’ Dattatreya said- ‘O son! All of your wishes shall come true. With my blessings, you shall rule over all the four directions.’ Then, Dattatreya crowned Arjuna as the king. Large number of people witnessed his crowning ceremony. Soon after becoming the king, Kartaveerya Arjuna ordered that nobody in his kingdom should wield a weapon except him.


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