King Prishadhna was the son of Manu. One day, he had gone to the forest on a hunting spree. He killed a cow by mistake. This cow belonged to an Agnihotri Brahmin who was performing a Yagya. The Brahmin became very furious and cursed Prishadhna to become a Shudra. King Prishadhna too became angry and he wanted to retaliate. He took some water in his hand and was just about to curse the Brahmin, just then the Brahmin’s father Mauli arrived. He warned both of them against cursing each other. He said- ‘Anger decreases the life span of a man. It also destroys the knowledge and makes a man, a destitute. An angry person can neither be virtuous nor he can accumulate wealth. Even if the king had killed the cow deliberately, he is worthy of being shown

compassion. But if he has committed this sin out of his ignorance, then certainly, he is not fit to be cursed. Therefore, O son! Don’t curse the king. The cow must have died because of her own past Karmas.’ King Prishadhna made salutations to the Agnihotri Brahmin and said in a loud voice- ‘Be pleased on me. I did not kill the cow deliberately. It only happened by mistake. The Brahmin replied- ‘O king! I have never spoken a lie in my life. Even my curse which I have given to you will not go in vain.’ Sage Mauli took his son to his hermitage. In course of time, Prishadhna became a Shudra due to the curse.

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