Markandeya says that the total area of Jambudweep comprises of one lakh Yojan while the area of Plakshdweep is twice the area of Jambudweep i.e. two lakh Yojans. Similarly, Shalmali is twice the area of Plaksh while Kusha is twice the area of Shalmali. The area of Kraunchdweep is twice the area of Kushdweep whereas the area of Shakdweep is twice the area of Kraunchdweep.

The island of Pushkar is twice the area of Shak. Seven mountains are situated in all these seven islands. They are Himavan, Hemkut, Rishabh, Meru, Neel, Shwet and Sringi. Ilavrit is situated in the  middle  of  six  mountains,  which  themselves  are  situated  in  the  middle  of  the  ocean surrounding all the seven islands named earlier. Sumeru Mountain is situated in the central part of Ilavrit. People belonging to all the four castes- Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra reside in Ilavrit.

Just above Ilavrit are the dwelling places of Lokpals like Indra etc. Lord Brahma’s assembly is situated at the center. Beneath Ilavrit are situated the four mountains- Mandar, Gandhmadan, Vipul and Suparshva. These four mountains are situated in each of the four directions. The Great Mountain Nishadh is situated towards the west of Meru, while the Great Mountain Pariyatra is situated just behind it. Towards the south of Meru are situated the great mountains, Kailash and Himavan. The mountains Sringvan and Jarudhi are situated towards the north of Meru Mountain. River Jambu flows all around the Meru Mountain in a circular path.

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