Markandeya says-  ‘When Shumbh and Nishumbh heard about Raktabeej’s death, they were infuriated. Nishumbh attacked the goddess with a huge army. Shumbh attacked from the other side. In the fierce battle, Goddess Bhagvati broke the sword as well as the shield of Nishumbh. Nishumbh then attacked Goddess Bhagvati with his weapon- Shakti. Goddess Bhagvati broke it with her Chakra. At last, she attacked him with her arrows at him and as a result, Nishumbh got injured and fell. ‘

When Shumbh saw Nishumbh, injured and unconscious, he ran towards Goddess Bhagvati to kill her. Goddess Bhagvati blew her conch and made a thunderous noise by pulling the bowstring. Shumbh released the dangerous weapon- Ugradipti in the direction of Goddess Bhagvati. But her weapon Maholkanamni destroyed it. Shumbh thundered loudly and attacked Goddess Bhagvati with a volley of arrows but none could cause any harm to her. Finally, Goddess Bhagvati attacked Shumbh with her trident. Shumbh fell down unconscious. After sometime, he regained his consciousness and attacked Goddess Bhagvati with his arrows. But she destroyed all the arrows. In the meantime, Nishumbh had regained his consciousness. He got up and attacked Goddess Bhagvati with his trident. In the end, Goddess Bhagvati killed Nishumbh by piercing her trident in his heart. As Nishumbh was dying, an another demon manifested from his body. Even he was killed by her. Her mount Simha devoured all the dead demons.

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