Markandeya says- ‘Martandadev had a son named Manu. The seventh Manavantar in which we are  living  is  named  after  him.  Manu  had  many  sons  among  whom  Narishyant,  Nabhag, Prishadhna and Drisht were the rulers of different kingdoms. Manu had performed a special Yagya named Mitra-Varuna with the desire of having more sons. But after the Yagya, a daughter was born to him and who was named Ila. Manu then requested Mitra-Varuna to transform that girl into a boy, if he was really pleased with him. Both the deities blessed Manu and instantly that girl was transformed into a boy. He was named Sudryumna. One day, Sudryumna had gone to the forest for hunting. Incidentally, because of the wrath of Goddess Parvati, he again got transformed into a lady. At that time, he was married to Buddh and a son named Pururava was born to them. Later on, he regained his body of the male. This time, he became the father of Utkal, Vinay and Gaya. All these three sons were very just rulers. Pururava was made the king of Pratisthanpur.


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