Markandeya says- ‘After the departure of his ancestors, Ruchi started wandering here and there in his restlessness. After sometime, when he regained his composure, he decided to do penance to please Lord Brahma. His penance continued for one hundred years. After the accomplishment of his penance, Lord Brahma appeared before him and asked what he desired. Ruchi expressed his desire of getting married as per the aspirations of his ancestors. Lord Brahma blessed him and also instructed Ruchi to eulogise his ancestors so that his wishes could be fulfilled.’

Ruchi eulogised his ancestors by chanting Stotras- ‘I make salutations to my ancestors who preside over the ceremony of Shradha, who are pacified even by the deities, by the chanting of Swaha, made during the ceremony of Shradha. I make salutations to my ancestors who dwell in the space and in the heaven. May my ancestors accept the offerings, which I am making in the form of flowers, cereals, water, Dhup etc.’

Markandeya says- ‘Hardly had Ruchi accomplished his eulogy of the ancestors, a very bright effulgence appeared in front of him, who were in fact his ancestors. They said- ‘Demand any boon.’ Ruchi replied- ‘Lord Brahma has instructed me to enhance the process of creation. So I need a wife for that purpose. The ancestors said- ‘Here at this very place, you will find a very beautiful  wife.  She  would  give  birth  to  Rauchya.  You  too  would  become  very famous  as Prajapati because of your numerous sons and you will attain salvation in the end.’ After blessing Ruchi, the ancestors departed for heaven.

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