Markandeya says- ‘Swarochi became very sad after hearing the deer’s utterances. He realised how lowly and mean he had become. He decided to renounce life after abandoning his wives. But this did not happen because as soon as he met them, he forgot everything about renunciation. He continued to live with his wives. In due course of time, Swarochi begot three sons- Vijay, Merunand and Prabhav. Swarochi ordered the construction of three cities for his sons, which he donated to each of them. The city situated towards the east was given to Vijay while the city situated towards the north named Nandvati was given to Merunand. The city named Tal, which was situated in the south, was given to Prabhav.

Swarochi then lived happily with his wives. One day, Swarochi had gone for hunting. He saw a wild boar and adjusted his arrow on the bowstring to kill it. Just then, a doe arrived and requested him to kill her instead of killing that boar. She said- ‘Kill me with your arrow so that I get liberated from my sorrows. I don’t want to live because I have become infatuated with such a ‘person’ whose heart lies somewhere else. My aspirations remain unfulfilled. So death is my only refuge.’

Swarochi was very much amazed. He asked- ‘Who is that fellow?’ The doe replied- ‘It is nobody than you.’ Swarochi was puzzled, ‘How can this be? I am a man whereas you are an animal.’ The doe then requested Swarochi to embrace her, which Swarochi agreed to do. As soon as Swarochi embraced  that  doe,  she  got  transformed  into  a  beautiful  lady.  Swarochi  was  very  much astonished but the doe said that- ‘Don’t get puzzled. I am the presiding deity of this forest. I have come to seek your help on the request of the deities. It is your duty to help me in giving birth to a son named Manu. Swarochi married her and in course of time, she gave birth to a son. The whole atmosphere became joyous and happy at the birth of that child. Gandharvas started singing songs and the Apsaras danced. The deities showered flowers from heaven. The child was so radiant that all the four directions became illuminated by his brilliance. Swarochi named this child as Dyutiman. This child was later on also known as Swarochish, the son of Swarochi.

One day, while wandering, Swarochi saw a swan who was telling his wife- ‘Now, we have become old, so what is the use of remaining attached to each other. Its time, we must seriously start thinking of renouncing life.’ But his wife said- ‘This world is meant for enjoying sensual pleasures. Even the Brahmins perform Yagyas with that purpose in their mind. All the virtuous people indulge in virtuous activities with the sole desire of experiencing the pleasures of life. How come the idea of renunciation has entered your mind?’ The swan replied- ‘One who is not attracted towards sensual pleasures is totally devoted to God. One who is attached by worldly matters can never reach God. Have you not seen the state of Swarochi? How can he be liberated from the sorrows of the world if he is not even willing to shun the attachments? I am not like Swarochi. I know that after enjoying a fully satisfied life, this is the time to renounce everything.’ After hearing this, Swarochi was very much ashamed of himself. He decided to do penance. His wives also accompanied him. All of them ultimately went to heaven by the virtue of their penance.

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