Once, on being asked by the sages about the greatness of Badrikasharama, Suta narrated the same tale, which Lord Shiva had once told sage Narada —

Lord Mahadeva had told Narada that altogether there were one lakh and twenty-five thousand mountains   and   Badrikashrama   was   supreme   among   them.   Lord   Mahadeva   said— Badrikasharama is the abode of Lord Nara-Narayan. Narayan–the origin of all creations has four arms and his complexion is dark. Narayan manifests himself in both forms–Sakar as well as Nirakar.  He  is  the  eternal  Purusha  and  is  worshipped  by people  during  the  full  period  of Uttarayan. Since Badrikashrama is covered with snow during the period of Dakshainayan, Narayan is not worshipper during these six months. All the deities dwell at Badrikasharama. The sages live in their hermitages at Badrikasharama. River Alaknanda flows at Badrikasharama. Anybody taking a dip in the holy water of Alaknanda becomes liberated from his sins.

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