Sage Valmiki was present in Ayodhya to attend the Ashwamedha Yagya. Sri Rama asked him about the identity of the two children–Lav and Kush. Valmiki said — Sita was pregnant at the time you had abandoned her. I gave her refuge in my hermitage where she gave birth to twins– Lav and Kush. Both the children were brought up in my hermitage with love and care. I taught them all the sacred texts and scriptures and made them masters of various weaponries. So, Lav and Kush are your sons. You must bring Sita back to Ayodhya with due honor, because she is pure and chaste. Moreover your whole army owe its life to her.”

Sri Rama’s heart was filled with grief. He instructed Lakshman to bring Sita along with Lav and Kush. Lakshman went to Valmiki’s hermitage and requested Sita to return to Ayodhya. Sita refused to return but sent Lav and Kush along with Lakshman. When Sri Rama found that only Lav and Kush had come, he once again sent Lakshman to bring Sita. Lakshman followed his instruction and went to Valmiki’s hermitage for the second time. Meanwhile, Valmiki instructed Lav and Kush to sing the praise of Sri Rama in their melodious voice. Everybody was moved by their soulful rendition. Sri Rama took Lav and Kush in his embrace.

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