After describing about the twelve Jyotirlinga, Suta mentioned about the various Upalingas originating from them. The Upalinga named Someshwar is situated at a place where the earth meets the ocean. This Upalinga is also known as ‘Antakesh’.

The Upalinga originating from MallikArjuna is famous by the name of ‘Rudreshwar’. Similarly the Upalinga originating from Mahakal Jyotirlinga is known as ‘Dughdhesh’.

The Upalinga manifesting from Omkar jyotirlinga is famous as ‘Kardameshwar’. The Upalinga manifesting from Kedareshwar jyotirlinga is known as Bhuteshwar and is situated at the bank of Yamuna River.

The Upalinga manifesting from Bhima Shankar Jyotirlinga is famously known as
‘Bheemeshwar’. The Upalingas manifesting from Nageshwar, Rameshwar and Dhushmeshwar
Jyotirlingas are known as Bhuteshwar, Gupteshwar and Vyagreshwar respectively.

All these upalingas are considered to be very sacred. A devotee who has darshan of these
Upalingas gets liberated from all of his sins.

Apart from these twelve Jyotirlingas and Upalingas, there are numerous other lingas, which have great religious importance. They are Kritikavaseshwar, Tilmandeshwar, Bhuteshwar, Batukeshwar, Pureshwar, Siddhanateshwar, Sringeshwar, Gopeshwar, Rangeshwar, Rameshwar, Atrishwar, Mahabal Linga Kameshwar, Ganeshwar, Shukreshwar, Chandrashekar, Rishishwar, Laliteshwar, Pashupatishwar, (Pashupatinath), Kumtinath and Andhakeshwar etc.

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