“I asked him as to who he was. Vishnu replied that he was the fulfiller of all of his desires. But I replied to him that I only was the creator, nurturer and the supreme soul of this world. Vishnu became angry and said that undoubtedly I (Brahma)  was the creator  of this world, but he (Vishnu) was the one, who had created me (Brahma) and the whole world. Vishnu also ordered me to take his refuge and promised to protect me. But being an ignorant I did not believe him. A fierce battle  was fought between both of us. A Shivalinga manifested between us to end  the battle. We requested that Shivalinga to show its real identity. That Shivalinga had destroyed our pride.”

We heard a sound OM. We became curious to know the origin of that sound. Vishnu saw a letter ‘A’ towards the south of that Shivalinga. He also saw the letters ‘U’ and ‘M’ center towards the north of the Shivalinga and in its center respectively. He also saw the mantra ‘OM’, which was dazzling like a Sun. There was no beginning and end to this mantra OM. As we were making efforts to know about its origin, suddenly Shiva appeared in the form of a sage. He gave us the knowledge regarding OM. He also revealed to us that I originated from the  letter ‘A’, Vishnu originated from letter ‘U’ and Shiva himself originated from  letter M. The letter A signifies creation, U Signifies nurturement and M signifies salvation.

The three letters A, V and M also symbolizes the basic causes of creation. A or  brahma also symbolizes the semen, U or Vishnu symbolizes the Vagina and the sound of OM is Maheshwar- the combined sound of A, U and M. All the three united from which manifested a golden egg. This golden egg remained submerged in the water for one thousand years. The almighty then cut that egg into two halves, from which appeared heaven and Earth. We also saw the divine beauty of Maheshwar.”

Then we saw all the vowels and consonants emanating from the physique of Mahadeva. Vishnu saw the forty eight letters within OMKAR, which in fact were the two following mantras- “TAT PURUSHAY      VIDDYAMAHE      MAHADEVAY      DHIMAHI,      TANNO      RUDRAH PRACHODAYAT.”  And “TAT SAVITUR VARENYAM BHARGO DEVASYA DHIMAHI DHIYO YONAH PRACHODAYAT.”

“After that we also received the Mahamrityunjay mantras like ‘OM JOOM  SAH”, “HRAUM HRIM JOOM SAH” and “TRAYAMBAKAM YAJAMAHE”.  After that we received the five lettered  mantra  “OM  NAMAH  SHIVAY”,   the   chintamani  mantra  ‘KSHAMYAUM’,  the Dakshainamurti mantra – “OM  NAMO BHAGAVATE DAKSHAINAMURTAYE MAHYAM MEGHAM  PRAYACHCHHA SWAHA. At last we received the great mantra  TATVAMASI. Vishnu was so enchanted by this mantra that he started chanting this mantra. We then prayed to Shiva-the creator, the nurturer and the destroyer.

“Shiva became very pleased with both of us. He preached us the contents of Veda. Shiva told Vishnu about the methods by which his (Shiva’s) worship could be done. He revealed to us that Vishnu actually had manifested from the left portion of his Shiva’s body and myself from the right portion of his body. He also blessed us that he would manifest his incarnation of Rudra from our body and also that the purpose of this incarnation would be to do annihilation. Lord Shiva revealed to us that his consort Uma, was in fact mother Nature and her  power in the incarnation of Saraswati would be my consort. Lakshmi, who  would also manifest from the nature would be the consort of Vishnu.”

Brahma told Narada:-

“Lord Shiva informed us that my day consists of four thousand eras and similarly my night too consists of four thousand eras. Since a month consists of thirty days and a year consists of twelve months. In this way my age was fixed to be of  one hundred years. One day of Vishnu is equivalent to one year of Brahma. Vishnu’s age too was fixed to be of one hundred years. The day of Rudra is equivalent to one year of Vishnu and his age also was fixed to be of one hundred years.

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