While doing a mental worship of Shiva, a devotee should worship lord Ganesha by following the
‘Nyas’ mode of worship. After that he should worship various deities related with lord Shiva like Nandi etc. Then he should bring the form of lord Shiva into his imagination and worship him mentally by making mental offerings.

The devotee should then perform Havana in the navel of lord Shiva by offering ghee. The worship should be accomplished by meditating on the form of Shiva.

The devotee should take his seat only after purifying it. He should take a vow after completing all the necessary rituals like ‘Achaman’. Pranayama, tying a knot in his Shikha.

After doing the ‘Deepa Pujan’ he should worship various deities like Sun god, Moon god, Varuna, Ganesha and Kartikeya etc. He should then worship both Shiva and Shakti by employing all the sixteen modes of worship (Shodasopachar). The devotee should perform ‘arti’ in the end.

In the specialized form of Shiva’s worship ‘Awaran Pujan’ of Shiva is done along with the normal pujan. Awaran Pujan means worship of all the articles connected with lord Shiva like his trident his drum etc. In this specialized worship the Shiva’s idol should be bathed first of all. Then the idol should be clothed. A sacred thread should be offered to the Shiva’s idol along with the other offerings like ’tilak’, Akshat etc. After this the ‘awaran pujan of Shiva should be done along with the worship of Shiva’s family.

If the devotee feels that something was lacking in the worship, he should atone for that mistake by chanting the Panchakshar mantra Om Namah Shivay.

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