The sages thanked Vayudeva for giving the knowledge of Jnana Yoga. The next day, they took bath in river Saraswati and performed their worship and rituals. After that they proceeded towards Kashi. At Kashi after taking their bath in river Ganga they had a darshan of lord Vishwanath. They saw very radiant effulgence appearing in the sky, in which they saw thousand sages who had accomplished Pashupat Vrata getting merged. The radiant effulgence vanished in no time.

The sages were very curious to know about that radiant effulgence, so they went to lord Brahma and asked him about it. Lord Brahma told them that the radiant effulgence had actually instructed them to accomplish Pashupat Vrata and attain Salvation. Lord Brahma then instructed them to go to the Sumeru mountain where Nandi was supposed to come and teach the methods of doing Pashupat Vrata to Sanatkumar.

Once Sanatkumar became very arrogant of his asceticism. One day lord Shiva arrived at his place but Sanatkumar did not get up to greet him. At this Nandi became furious and cursed him to become a camel. Sanatkumar got transformed into a camel. Lord Brahma worshipped Shiva to liberate his son- Sanatkumar from the curse. Lord Shiva became pleased and blessed Sanatkumar, as the result of which he regained his human body.

After regaining his human body Sanatkumar commenced a tremendous penance. Lord Shiva instructed Nandi to go to Sumeru mountain and preach Sanatkumar.

The sages reached Sumeru mountain as per the instruction of lord Brahma. They saw many sages meditating at the bank of a pond. They also saw Sanatkumar engrossed in his meditation at a little distance from the other meditating sages.

The sages went near Sanatkumar and told him about their penances done for ten thousand years. They also revealed to him about the purpose of their arrival. Right then, Nandi arrived there, accompanied by his ganas Sanatkumar and all the sages welcomed him. Sanatkumar introduced all the sages to Nandi and told him about their tremendous penance done for ten thousand years. Nandi became very pleased and blessed them. He then preached Sanatkumar and all the sages on the Shiva tattva.

Sanatkumar passed on that knowledge to Sage Vyasa, who again passed it on to Suta. Suta then revealed this knowledge to those sages who had assembled at Prayag. After receiving that knowledge from Suta all the sages went to Prayaga tirtha and took their bath. As they saw the signs of approaching Kali Yuga, they went to Kashi and performed the Pashupat Vrata. All of them attained liberation with the blessings of Lord Vishnu.

Listening to Shiva Purana for one time liberates a man from all of his sins. Listening to it for two times helps him to develop devotion in lord Shiva. Listening to Shiva Purana for three times, helps a man to attain to the abode of Shiva.

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