Later on Lord Shiva sent the Saptarishis with the proposal of marriage to Himalaya. Himalaya received his distinguished guests with respect and enquired about the purpose of their visit. The Saptarishis replied–‘We have come to request you to give your daughter’s hand in marriage to Shiva.’ After consulting his wife, Mena and other mountains, Himalaya agreed to accept Shiva as his son-in-law. The Saptarishis then returned and conveyed the good news to Shiva.The preparation  for  marriage  ceremony  started  being  made.  Finally  the  marriage  procession proceeded  towards  the  bride’s  home.  The  marriage  procession  consisted  of  all  the  deities, apsaras, gandharvas even spirits and ghosts.

Sage Garg supervised the rituals of marriage ceremony. Vishwakarma constructed the canopy, where marriage ceremony was supposed to take place. After the marriage was over, Himalaya performed the ritual of Kanyadan and this way Shiva returned with his consort.

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