Once, on being asked by some sages about the significance of the Hindu month- Kartik, Sutji narrated the following tale– ‘Once, Narada had asked Lord Brahma the same question. At that time Lord Brahma had revealed to Narada that ‘Kartik’ was supreme among all the months just as Lord Vishnu is supreme among all the deities and Badrikashram is the crown of all the places of pilgrimage. According to Brahma all these three would have greater significance in Kali yuga as compared to any other yuga. Kartik is very dear to Lord Vishnu and any virtuous deed done during this month never goes without being rewarded. One important characteristic of this month is that all the deities live in the proximity of human beings for the entire period of the month and accept everything that is offered to them. Penance done in this month or donations made duringthis month is believed to give Imperishable virtues. There is a special significance of donating food grains during this month. Similarly, worshipping Shaligram during this month also has great significance. Observing austerities during this month or worshipping Lord Vishnu with appropriate rituals liberates one’s ancestors from the tortures of the hell. Worshipping Lord Vishnu with petals of lotus helps him to become absolved of all the sins committed in his previous many births. Worshipping Lord Vishnu with tulsi leaves helps one in getting cured of incurable diseases.


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