When Brahma was once  absorbed in deep m editation, a woman in the form of river came out of his right hand. Brahma then foretold her that she would become Rudra‚Äôs wife. So, eager to meet Rudra she set out insearch of him and learning Rudra was at Gokarn alighted from the skies upon the Goshringa hill (also called Tamra Parvata) and was devotedly meditating Rudra. Rudra, however, came to know her intention learning her history  contemplated upon Brahma, when he appeared at once and performed their wedding. The place where the couple were wedded together came to be termed afterwords Vaivahika Parvata (the marriage mountain). Her name was Gouri and as the she used to roam on the Tamra-Parvata, she was appearing both in human and river forms. As woman she is standing on the bank of the every river not far off from Ishwara with her face towards the east. Those that worship this godess obtain all their desired objects. As river she is flowing down from the Tamra mountain and rounding Rudra-yoni has joined the sea near Pitrasthali. It is stated in the Purana that he, who bathes in this river and offers oblations in the name of his fathers is enabled by virtue of the merit, to send his fathers in Hell to the Heaven. Moreover, one that takes bath in the same river on the Poumima day and worships Ishwara with a sincere heart, is relived of his sins committed in his past life.

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