Vaitarani (river) the daughter of Yamadharmaraj was first averase to approaching her husband, being displeased with her indifferent attitude, he got angry & cursed her. as a result of this curse her waters became bloody.
Vaitarani with grief egged pardon of her husband who being moved, asked her to go to Patalaloka and remain there till Hari and Hari Hara would see her. She accordingly began to perform penance in Patalaloka where she met Hari & Hara at a time when they were being chased by Kharasura. They were pleased with her devotion and blessed her to become pure and came back to Bhooloka with her. The place where the three came out from Patala is known as Unmajjani teertha. Vaitami then with her pure water entered Kotiteertha and joined the see through Tamrapami.
He that takes bath in the teertha become pure.

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