There is a holy place called “Jwala Mukhi” in the valleys ot tho Himalayas. Afire, emerging from the very core of earth, burns constantly, lighting up the entire area. The Lord Parameshwara Himself, Shubhanknr Shankar, has taken an incarnation of the Eternal Light. The place is always bustling with large numbers of devotees wanting to get a Darshana or glimpse of this Light or Jyoti.
Mahadeva means, the Lord who incorporates in Himself, the aura and the holiness of all the twelve JyotirLingas. The grandeur of these places is unique. Devotees line up in great numbers to take a look and get a Darshana of all the JyotirLingas. It is possible that once all the twelve JyotirLingas might have been like the “Jwalamukhi” or the Fire-face but now wonderful Siva temples have been constructed at these places.
Two on the sea shore, three on river banks, four in the heights of the mountains and three in villages located in meadows; the twelve JyotirLingas are spread out like this. Every place has been described in glorious words by many detailing the surroundings etc.
Those of us who go to these temples of Shubhankar Shankar- Sivasthan, receive the holy blessings of the Lord, and come back happy, peaceful and blessed. This in indeed depends on one’s devotion and experience too.
There are innumerable Lingas with a great aura and presence. But the main ones are just twelve: Somnath in Sourashtra, Mallikarjuna in Sri Salam,Mahakal in Ujjain, Omkareshwar in Vindhaypradesh, Kedar in the mountainrange of Himalayas, Bhimashamar in Dakini, Vishweshwar in Varanasi, Tryambakamm on the banks of Gomuti, Vaidyanath in Chintabhoomi, Nageshin Darukavan, Rameshwar in Setubandh Rameshwaram, and Ghrishneswar in Devsarovar. Those who chant the Dwadasa JyotirLingaStotram or prayer will attain savation and enlightenment and be released
From this cycle of human existence with all its travails. By worshipping the Lingas, people of all castes, creeds and colour would be freed from all difficulties. By eating the holy offering made to these Lingas (Naivedya) one would be rid of all the sins instantly.
As a matter of fact, we do the Darshana of the JyotirLingas as a part of our daily life. Sun, Fire and Light etc, are indeed a part of that great Light. We experience the great joy of reading these everyday.
All the gathered saints asked respected the best of all dear Soothe please describe in brief the linga powers of the Bhagwan Shankar.
Sootjee said this whole world (including earth) survives and established in ‘linga’ therefore it is said lingamaya. This whole visible world is in the face of Bhagwan Shankar. All other gods, spiritual powers, beasts, and worldly persons worships Bhagwan Shankar. Therefore the whole universe (trilok) is a face of Bhagwan Shankar. Bhagwan Shankar survives
In all the religious places of the world not only this but he also survives in all other places of the world.
Bhagwan Shankar imagined his linga for human worship by the view of human welfare. There are numberless countless lingas of the Bhagwan Shankar survives in the world but very famous and very important lingas of the Bhagwan Shankar are 12 and they are called by the nickname of ‘Dwadash Jyotirlingas of Bhagwan Shankar’
“Saurashtre Somanathamcha Srisaile Malliarjunam I

Ujjayinyam Mahakalam Omkaramamaleswaram II

Parallyam Vaidyanaihancha Dakinyam Bheema Shankaram I

Setu Bandhethu Ramesam, Nagesam Daruka vane II

Varanasyantu Vishwesam Tryambakam Gautameetate I

Himalayetu Kedarm, Ghrishnesamcha vishalake II

Worship of these ‘Dwadash Jyotirlingas of Bhagwan Shankar’ removes all worldly troubles, sorrows and misers not only this but also provides Mukti (free life from birth and death).
Fruits, sweets presented to these lingas as a ‘Naivedya’ is very powerful for worshippers in face of the ‘Prasad of Bhagwan Shankar.

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