NARASIMHARAYA : By 1447 the kingdom had grown weak owing to the inefficiency of king Virupaxa as well as the invasions of the Bahmani rulers. Saluwa Narasimharaya was a general known for his valour. He had become popular in the kingdom. By 1447 he had become the ruler of the eastern and the northern areas. He marched on the capital and dethroned Virupaxa. He ruled from 1485 to 1490. His reign was not so successful. Many chieftains rose in rebellion against him.
NARASIMH \ : Narasimharaya had two sons, Narasa Nayaka of Tulu dynasty who was the minster of Narasimharaya had been appointed as their guardian. But Narasa Nayaka began to rule as if he were the king himself. The elder of the two sons was killed and Narasimha the second came to the throne. He could not command due respect. He died in 1503. afterwards his son Viranarasimha took the reins of the kingdom.

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