Lomaharshan told the sages- “Bali was the descendant of Virochan and the son of Hiranyakashipu. After his father’s death, he defeated the deities and drove them out from their abodes. Very soon, all the three worlds were under his control. He was a virtuous king and so were his subjects. During his reign, every corner in his kingdom would be abuzz with religious activities. As a result, the whole world became devoid of sin.”

One day, Goddess Lakshmi arrived and said- “O brave king of the demons! I am pleased by your valiance with which you fought and vanquished the deities. This is the reason why I have come on my own will to bless you.” After saying this, Goddess Lakshmi merged with his body. This way, Bali acquired all the splendours of the world.

The sages asked- “How were the deities able to defeat Bali and why did Lord Vishnu take the incarnation of Vamana?” Lomaharshan replied- “After being defeated by Bali, Indra went to Meru Mountain where his mother Aditi lived and narrated the woeful tale of the deities’ defeat. Aditi took her husband’s (Kashyapa’s) advice in this regard. Kashyapa thought that only Lord Brahma could solve their problem. So, he went to Brahma loka accompanied by the deities.

When they reached there, they found numerous Brahmins engaged in religious activities. Lord Brahma too was sitting among them. Sage Kashyapa and all the deities made salutations to Lord Brahma and stood silently.

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