A ferocious battle was fought between Prahlada and Nar-Narayan in which all types of lethal weapons  were  used.  The  battle  continued  for  1000  divine  years.  Ultimately,  Prahlada  was

defeated in this battle. He went to Vaikunth and asked Lord Vishnu as to why Nar-Narayan was invincible. Lord Vishnu revealed to them that Narayan was his own incarnation. He also told them that Narayan could be won only by devotion and not by power.

Prahlada decided to relinquish his throne and appointed Andhak as his successor. He went to Badrikashrama and made salutations to Narayan in reverence. Narayan was surprised at the sudden change in his behaviour. He asked Prahlada as to what the matter was. Prahlada then said- “Who can defeat you? You are none other than Lord Janardan. You are the one who has taken incarnation of Hrishikesh, Chakrapani and Hayagreev.”

Narayan was pleased by his devotion. He told Narayan that though he was not able to defeat him in the battle but he was successful in doing so by his devotion. Narayan also blessed Prahlada. Prahlada then returned to his capital. Andhak expressed his desire to make Prahlada the king once again but it was turned down by him. Prahlada spent the rest of his life preaching on the virtues of religiousness and truthfulness.

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