King Ripujeet- a descendant of Raghu lived with his valiant and brave son named Ritudhwaj. Ritudhwaj being a virtuous prince thought it as his duty to protect all the sages and hermits. Under his protection, the sages performed their religious duties without any problem.


During Ripujeet’s reign, a great sage, Galav lived in his hermitage doing penance. A demon named Patalketu used to torment him. Although Galav was capable of burning Patalketu to death yet he hesitated to do so for the fear of losing his virtuosity. One day, sage Galav was contemplating on the means to get rid of Patalketu’s terror tactics but was unable to find any solution and let out a deep sigh in frustration. He was amazed to see a horse falling from the sky. As he was looking towards the sky, he heard a heavenly voice- “This horse can travel thousands of Yojans in a single day. Give this horse to Ritudhwaj who will solve your problems.”


As per the instructions of that heavenly voice, Galav presented that horse to Ritudhwaj and engaged himself in penance. This horse was sent by a Gandharva king named Vishwavasu with a special  purpose.  Vishwavasu  had  a  beautiful  daughter  named  Madalasa.  Infatuated  by  her

beauty, the demon- Patalketu had abducted her to Patal loka. He wanted to marry her but Madalasa rejected his advances. Vishwavasu knew that only Ritudhwaj was capable of killing Patalketu, so he presented that horse to sage Galav with the instruction that it should be given to Ritudhwaj.


Ritudhwaj went to Patal loka on that horse and fought a fierce battle in which Patalketu was seriously injured. Ritudhwaj released Madalasa from Patalketu’s captivity and married her.


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